Saturday, March 1, 2008

Beauty has its price

Today started out as a good day - I went to Pit Ed class and got to meet a nice camera guy (I dig camera guys) who wanted to take pictures of me and talk to the Nice Lady who I live with. This was fun until I got bored and saw a soft foam-looking thing on the camera that looked like a fun thing to chew on, so while they were talking away I decided to jump up and grab it.

I guess that screwed up the sound because it was the microphone. Whoops. I don't know why they make expensive audio equipment that looks like a dog toy, but I guess dogs don't design these things.

Anyway, after the interview I finished class and went to lunch with other cool dogs - Millie, Lola, Muggy and Ted Baby (who by the way is embarrassed by his name and wants to be called something manlier like Thor. I know, but I promised I'd let everyone know).

Anyway, I thought this was the best day ever until we got home and Nice Lady told me it was time for a Day of Beauty. This sounded really fun until I realized that she meant a BATH!

I hate baths! Can you tell how much I hate them? Nice Lady tried to make it better with a rubber duck, but I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of enjoying anything about this horrible experience.

OK, I do actually like to grab the towel when she dries me off, but still. Baths suck! Although I got to go into my big kennel afterward with a peanut butter Kong (my favorite) and my bedding was all changed and new. I like the smell of dog butt and dead things as much as the next dog, but even I admit that my bedding was kind of smelly.

Anyway, that was my day. Hopefully this Day of Beauty thing only comes around once in awhile.



No BSL said...

I love it that you have your own blog now.
I love talking to dogs.
Mac used to write his own blog and the world loved it and he wasn`t even famous.
Speaking of names,I `d love to hear where all of you got your names.
I`m pretty sure these aren`t your old names even if you had names.
So you should give us the name scoop.
Boy your people sure are ambitious, bathing 5 dogs.
But you(4 of you)sure do look spiffy snuggled under that blanket.
You sound like an old pro talking about that interview stuff now.
Boy you`ve come a long way in a short time.
I`m so happy for you.
I`ll be keeping tabs on you.

Anonymous said...

Hector you inspire me! I wonder if I ever sat in that tub for your nice lady I call Godmother. I bet you 'foget-about-it' already (until next).

I think I'm up for it too. That funny squeek noise from one of the "make-stuff-loose-smell" boxes got real load then stopped. Delivery men coming today (yea, more people). I overheard that afterwards, everything is getting washed. Now a Peanut butter Kong sounds like good reward cuisine, I'll put in my request.

Have 'em give you a break - they call it a microphone "wind screen", so it sounds like a neat smell catcher. What it tast like?

I'll check back soon,

Uba said...

The horrible "Day of Beauty" thing is going 'round! Warn everybody! I just had a horrible bath, too! Why oh why must we be tortured this way?

Hey, Hector, I guess its better that when we were in custody and they just hosed our whole house down with cold water, with us inside, and then we had to sit there and wait to get dry. That was much worse than this bath thing. At least now the water is warm and it smells clean and then there are towels and zoomies and treats afterwards.

No BSL said...

I was just looking at all your faces again.You are all so cute.
Hector, if Ernie starts to complain about his name,I`d like to suggest Oreo.
And Frodo don`t be shy.
I know you`re going to shine.
I have the feeling you`re overwhelmed by all this attention.
Uba,that "in custody bath" does make this recent bath sound delightful.

Hector said...

Boris, you did live here with the Nice Lady and she tells me that you did get a bath here. The dogs told me about you too. Are you the same Boris with the really huge head that got all dolled up in pink rhinestones?

I have pink rhinestones on too. I guess that's a good look around here for the really manly dogs.

Mac, Ernie likes his name but I guess he lived here too and used to be called "Bert," so I guess he likes nerdy names. I like Latin names myself. Viva los Perros!

smason39 said...

You guys have to join Facebook!

No BSL said...

Somebody is a fan of Sesame Street.
I was thinking somebody`s father-in-law when I heard Ernie.
I hope you guys sleep more soundly than some humans.

I have a cat named Angus and I`m told by everyone that Angus is a cow`s name??
I have yet to meet one named Angus but perhaps they are out there.
You can`t make everyone happy.

Uba said...

"I have a cat named Angus"
oooh, Mac's Gang, I have a cat named Angus, too. He is gray and white and he hits me when I bounce too close to him. He is also a good hurdle to jump over when I do zoomies! Could people have cows and cats confused? I don't know what "cow" is, really.

No BSL said...

I like cows but they can be a bit frightening to some dogs.
Mac was a wee bit afraid of them but they loved him for some reason.
They would all run over to the fence to see him when he walked by.
One cow actually came through the fence one time to see him.
She had just had her calf taken away the day before and she mistook Mac for her calf.
So try to look all "dog" when you`re out and about.
Mac was just too wimpy at times for his own good.WE were lucky to have found each other.
He might have been beat up a lot.
The stories I could tell.
The creatures weren`t all larger than he was.
It took a couple of farmers to convince her that this was not her calf.
Angus does look like a Holstein(cow) but he`s on the small side.

Anonymous said...

Hector: Pass on a couple big licks to those house dogs and nice lady for me.

For my credentials - zoomie in picture of my People Friendly Article showing my head and pink rhinestones (and our family love of chicken strips).

Paco another BR Alum, is helping me get Texas Chic with a similar collar that JJ wore on TV. So, hopefully the pink stones find their place on a new Pit Bull Hall macho bully. I might not be a TV star with my new collar but "the other end of my leash" thinks it will make me look like a Texas Ranger -- he kept saying "One-Riot One-Boris"

Check Back,


Anonymous said...

my picture link got truncated

just wanted to make sure Hector saw it.

Anonymous said...

it's like SO COOL that you have a blog ;)i luv <3 you !