Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Things are looking up

Hey everyone. I'm Hector.

So it's good to see all my pals on here - shout out to Uba since he was my kennel-neighbor when we were in what my foster mom calls "custody" and I call "that other place."

Things are looking up since I got to California. I went to live with some nice ladies and a bunch of dogs and they had all these crazy things they kept giving me, and I didn't know what they were or why I was getting them. It's funny now that I know that these things are called "toys" and "dog beds" and that there's a big supply of both of them for me. The dog beds were really strange to me and I used to try to eat them and then lay next to them, but one day I realized that you can sleep on top of them. That was a good discovery! It's definitely nicer to nap on them than it is to use them as chew toys.

So anyway, I'm learning lots of new things - most especially what it means to live in a house. I definitely like the house a lot better than other places I've lived, and now that I know how to use a dog bed the house is even better!

I did have one strange day where I went in for a "neuter" - I'm glad I didn't know what that was at the time, but I'm cool with it now. The best part other than all the attention from the vet staff was the awesome cone they put on my head - I think I rocked that accessory, and the great thing about it was that you can run around with it and whack it into things and it makes some awesomely loud crashing noises.

I kind of miss my cone, actually. Here's a picture of me rocking the cone look - I think it looks kind of cool. So for every dog out there who hates the cone, I'm telling you - try whacking it into things and picking up toys with it. You can make your own game!

That's about it for now. Thanks to everyone who sent nice notes when I was in the newspaper and on TV. I only wish they'd let me wear this cool cone for the press conference, because that would have been a BLAST!

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2beemo said...

My mom put one of those cones on my sister, too. I do think you rocked it BAD RAP style & she rocked it PRINCESS style! :D


My mom says crazy humans wear these things too and try to eat? I don't get it, she says it was for 'art'?!



Keep blogging, Hector! I have the biggest crush on you!!!

Annabelle, the pit bull