Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thoughts on Friendship

Hi! My name is Uba, and I am one of Jonny's friends and fellow survivors. I had a harder time in jail than Jonny did, so I prefer not to think about that time. You can read a little about my first experiences with people who didn't want to hurt me in this nice article . My life now is all about what's next and the new things I can see and experience. Sometimes those new things are kind of scary, but I try hard to be brave and my friends help me with that.

My mom has told me that some people think that dogs that have been abused and neglected and sent to jail like me can never, ever, be friends with other dogs or with cats. They even think that I might hurt my friends! I really don't understand why someone would think that. Why would I want to hurt my friends?? They keep me company and help me be brave when things are scary. I guess those people have just never met anyone like me. I have lots and lots of doggy friends and I get very very excited when I get to see them at pit-ed class. Sometimes I bounce so much with happiness that I lose my balance and fall over and everyone laughs at me. I have a beautiful big pit bull sister, Lulu, and we live with two cool little guys called Angus and William who smell a lot different than other dogs and don't go for walks with us. My mom says thats because they are not dogs at all, they actually are cats. Some dogs (like Jonny) think that cats are all bad news, but I like to take naps with my buddies. Lulu has shown me that scary things are no big deal and she has helped me get used to living in a nice house, and Angus and William snuggle with me when we watch tv or read books in the evening. I would be so sad if I couldn't live with my friends any more. I hope those people who think I might hurt my friends can learn about me and my friends on this blog and change their minds.
Hugs, Uba

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Kirsten said...

yay, Uba! It sucks when bad things happen to good people, and the same goes for good dogs! Everyone's so glad you and your friends have nothing but good times ahead. :)