Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Cell Door Opened

On my first day out of custody, I took a road trip with some of my cell block mates and some super nice people in a giant rolling house. It was a tough trip, sneeking thru places that I overheard folks say I wasn't allowed. I didn't understand that. I'm just a dog. I can understand that some people aren't keen on dogs, but whole towns, cities and counties ??? Are these places run by cats ?? Oh' my, This isn't good. Is this the land of the free ? I was told it was so great, but sounds kinda mixed up. Free, but only in certain places ?? I dont get it. I hope my people try to fix that. But my super nice people kept me safe and prevented us from being thrown back in a cell, and a few days later we all arrived in a place called Oakland. Freedom at last !!!!

It was nice to be out in the sun, to smell grass, chase birds, and play with other doggies. It was nice to have a hand from good people to pet me. It was very strange, as good hands were foreign to me, but I sure did like it. I hope I get more. It was a long time spent in a cell. What my people tell me, it was over six months, whatever months are. I was lucky, because I am very strong, but some of my buddies had a very hard time in doggie jail. We are all different, and some of us need different types of care. Being locked up for that long changes you. But since being out, we are all bouncing back, getting our strength back slowly, shaking off the wrongs done to us, and wagging.

Wagging Lots.


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