Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy dogs come from California

Lemme tell ya. This California livin' is really all people say it is.

After I got settled in -- I hear people calling it my "foster home," whatever the heck that is -- these cool people started taking me out for a jog just about every morning. In fact, Nice Mister said I was doing so good that he brought Lucy, their ornery dog, on the run with us. That was fun!

I really love our jogs. I've found my favorite places to *ahem* relieve myself, and Nice Mister and Nice Lady have finally learned to get out of the way so I can FLING dirt as far as I can afterward. They think I'm marking, but I'm really trying to get that dirt across the street! I've almost perfected it, too. Just . . . one . . . more . . . FLING!!

Nice Lady brings me to a big building every week where there were a LOT of other dogs, and we would heel and sit, heel and lie down, and circle around heeling. These people sure do like to play the heel game. Eh, it makes Nice Lady happy, so I do it. Plus, every once in a while, she surprises me with treats. Now, I've trimmed down a bit since living in California, but I can never say no to those treats! Where DOES she get those things from?!

And, I have to tell you -- remember that Nice Kid? The one who came up with my name? Dog love him because when he and Nice Lady are going out, he wants me to come, too, and man oh MAN is it fun.

Yup. Stoked. I could really get used to this California place.


No BSL said...

Hey Teddles,
You`re already talkin like you`re from California.
Do they still say "bitchin"?
When I was a kid I had Canadian friends that moved to California eh
and when they came back here eh,we could hardly understand them.
I think "bitchin" meant way cool or something like that.
Don`t forget the sunscreen lotion.
It`s supposed to be balmy here by Wed.I`ve heard 5 degrees Celsius.
Spring is coming!
Don`t you wish you were here?
Oh yeah and roofs are collapsing because of all the snow.
Can I come visit?
But on a positive note check out this Ontario win.
It`s good news to be a court certified mutt.

Anonymous said...

Howdie Teddles,

You sure look and sound like you're having a great time.

Now, I'm California born so don't get me wrong. I believe you're confusing reward with action, sort of like when we get treats. We are not sure what we're being rewarded for, yet we want to give everything credit. I'd call what you're your experiencing is California 'BADRAP' style.

Nice ladies don't all have to be California Girls. In Texas, I got a couple in my Forever Home (think like way-cool beyond 'foster home'). Lucy sounds a little like my Sheena. I'm glad to be here because there was no Sheena in California (she rules!).

As for that jogging, I have to admit my nice man and I both don't have jogging bodies (some say he has a big head too). Our Texas "BADRAP" style is that long-slow-walk kind. We go up to the local kennel where we walk stray-dogs into the neighborhood looking for their foster homes well into the p.m. heat. We then chill out, me chewing ice, while they're 'chewing-the-fat' (which sounds like Ca. talking).

So, we both need to be especially thankful for what we have. Today, I heard a real sad story about 41 abused dogs in Texas who never will learn the word foster.

I guess there isn't one state in the country which couldn't use a little more "BADRAP" style attention.

Back to the fun stuff -- That FLING action sounds world-class. My folks say it could be an Olympic Sport as we approach this November?

Licks to you and I'll Check Back form TX!
BADRAP Style, Boris

Teddles said...

What's up, MG? I love Bailey's story. (I'd say Bailey's story was bitchin', but I think "rad" may be the word of the day!) Four paws up for you guys spreading the internet word so Bailey's dad could learn more about his options. Here's hoping for more successes.

Yo Boris! BADRAP style, eh? I like the sound of that! By the way, you should tell your Nice Couple about the short stint you had at my Nice Lady and Nice Mister's house. Lucy used to school you, too! She's non-discriminatory that way. And, the Nice Kid deemed you "Boris-Baby." In fact, he still talks about you now and again.

And, you're right about being thankful. Reading stories about those dogs in Crosby makes my tail stop wagging.

2beemo said...

Happy Dogs do come from California!! My pittie would agree..... We love the blue background of this blog - the color of the Pacific ocean and sky - something that makes these guys go 'ahhh, this is really livin' and do zoomies in the sand. Every pitbull's dream. :)