Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Napa Valley in Spring

Today we went on a short drive to the Napa Valley. She wanted me to have the chance to walk in the vineyards and to see bud break. I didn’t really care about all that, but the air smelled sweet so I closed my eyes and I drank it all in.


Janet said...

Mmmm, I can almost smell that sweet green smell...what a beautiful shot :)

Susan Cava Ruimy said...

Could there be anyting cuter????

Anonymous said...

Audie, you are adorable even when your eyes are closed and we can't see that mischievous gleam!

Uba said...

That looks like some really good sniffing! Sounds like she took you on a good adventure. Its good to see you without your handle.

Boris said...

Audie-dude you ol' winer,

You look like you're sticking your head out the car window, without the car. Must have been great, real pibble healing power "smells with sun". Maybe it was just a ploy to get you out walking the terraces?

Bully's get scared of the word BREAK, like it might have something to do with us. Down by me they had a Spring BREAK (I didn't touch it!!). It caused an invasion of people called nieces and nephews at the house with their Klans. Talk about entertainment, came with crumb treats.

I'll check-back at grape harvest, Boris


One voice counts said...

OH, AUDIE. You are so beautiful in this picture. I'm glad you were able to smell that sweet air. You are very luck to have such a cool human. You do know that, right?