Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hey Everybody!

Springtime is sure niiiice, just like my friend Audie said. Now that it's warm, I like to hang out with my Man and Lady in the back yard. They're working on a part called The Roses, and my Lady got real unhappy because she said we have a go-for there. And the go-for is doing something funny to her plants! Uh oh! I didn't know what go-for was until I took a big sniff of a nice hole by her flowers. Then I remembered--- that guy! Well I sure went looking for him so he wouldn't eat any more plants. I looked all over in The Roses, I looked in the bulbs, I looked on the hill (three times!), in the grass, and by the deck. I'm not sure my Lady liked my looking. She said I made an awful lot of holes. But here's me when I was done digging, and nobody scolded me because they said I looked Too Happy. Yup. It's nice to be Too Happy in the sun!



One voice counts said...

OH, ERNIE. Waaaah. Waaaah. What a beautiful picture. You are one handsome dude. You guys just keep saving my - umm - sanity. I come back to your blog like a prairie dog to a burrow in a raging sandstorm. Shelter from the storm. Thanks for the reminder about the roses. Love, Samantha

PoochesForPeace said...

Beautiful pic. I visit the blog quite frequently as well :)

As a side note- Justin Timberlake was recently on Oprah talking about the Pit Bull Jessica Biel has, and he got remarks such as "Aren't you scared?" and "Dont they just snap?" I think it could help for us responsible dog owners to write a nice professional, educational letter to Oprah about the breed.

Susan Cava Ruimy said...

Ernie - if you aren't the picture of pure joy what is? Maybe the gopher's not so bad if he makes you so happy. Hugs!

Snuggles said...

I know whatcha mean, Ernie. My mommy says we get "moles" in our yard, which is weird, I think, cuz I have a mole on my face and my mommy has a mole on her face but I never heard of moles in yards.

P.S. Us bullies has the bestest big ol' smiles don't we? :D

Anonymous said...


Your big smile says it all!! Keep on diggin!!!