Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is Getting Difficult

A few weeks ago we started going to a new school in a different place where there are NO pit bulls. Wow, it's weird not to see other pit bulls at school! The class is for something called Rally-O. If I am good I can get more letters after my name, to go after the "CGC".

We started out doing normal class stuff like walking at heel, sitting, waiting, doing downs and walking around cones. After a while the lady in charge put up all these little pieces of paper and we had to read them to figure out the next command. My favorite is this one that says "fast", I am an expert at fast!

Then it started to get hard.

This sign is really tough. My mom and I got kind of mixed up with it, but the nice lady helped us figure it out and by the end of the class we got it almost completely right on the practice course. We practice in the evenings before dinner, which I like a lot. I love getting treats for being smart and then I get to be all wild and crazy and run around.

The lady in charge says I am a really great dog (duh!). She likes it when I get really happy and excited and bounce and crash into my mom's legs when we heel. This new class is really fun because I have to think a lot, and reading the signs is making me smarter. I also really like that since we've been taking rally classes my mom and I understand each other better. I've always listened to her, but now I can see that there are more things she's telling me, like which direction we're going to go. If I watch carefully I know what we're doing next before she even says anything! I'm going to keep studying hard, I want to know about more of the signs so we have more fun stuff to practice.

This is a good sit and look - more treats, please!



PoochesForPeace said...

Good job Uba! Woohoo!

This is your look-alike, Shadow. Some weird human with a shiney light in her hand just told me my eyelids curl inward and I might end up having to get something they call Surge-er-e? Not sure what that is but it sounds scary!
Keep up the good work and wish me luck!

Susan Cava Ruimy said...

Wow Uba, you're making all your fellow pit bull brother and sisters in New York so proud! And giving them lots of hope that they can do what you do someday!

I email all your progress with everyone and anyone around here!! NYC is sending you major hugs, keep up the good work and what a great mom you have!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Uba, if you get those RN letters for after your name, they come BEFORE the CGC, 'cause it's a lot harder to read than just be good.

Sam said...

Rally is fun! If agility doesn't work out for us, Rally is the way we'll go. Enjoy it, Uba!

Boris said...

Rally Man Uba,

You should get Bob's googles and one of those taximan hats, with a big scarf for you lady with the leash. Pretend you're in an open top cars - convertables.

There have been signs that you are one food motivated, smart pibble. (Knew you'd figure out that the treadmill didn't really go in two directions) I bet they even time you and penalize you. Like take away a treat if you miss a turn...

Remember it's not the destination but how you treat the journey.

I'll check-back, Boris

rachel kesel said...

go uba! increasing your communication with your handler is such a great way to go. are you going to be the most focused dog ever? are you turning into a border collie?

i'm coming back in may for the summer. i won't have a lot of time for walks until late summer, but we should make a date anyway! and if you need someone for a slumber party ... i'm there!

megan colleen said...

Yay Uba! It's great that you are getting to exercise that mind of yours. Good luck for your future in Rally-O! :)

Uba said...

Rachel: WOOHOOO!!! I am so excited to see you! I will hug you and wag my tail really hard! I'll let Lulu and Angus and William know you are coming back to see us soon. My people will be happy too.
Pooches: don't worry about Surgery - Audie and my foster sister Lolo had surgery, and they say that even if they feel bad for a few days, they feel better than ever before after a little while.
NYC: my people and Lulu used to live in NYC and my cats were born feral in Brooklyn. My people say one day they will take me there to see Prospect Park. I think the NYC pit bulls should start rally classes so we can show all the other dogs and people how smart we are!

Anonymous said...

You are so smart! Good luck on your next title!

Coffee and Carmex. ☕️ said...

This is just so cute!!! I work for Animal Farm Foundation in New york, and have my 2 pits from there. Ziggy shows in Rally and places every time!!! These dogs are just so smart!!! Its so fun!!!