Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Uba the Lady's Man

I have been busy recently collecting lots of girl friends.

My first love will always be Lulu. She is a great big sister and she's taught me all about how to be a normal dog. Lulu is the very best and she is really patient and kind to me even when I get the zoomies and crash into her. She's a good pillow, too.

I've made some new lady friends lately and it has been lots of fun. First Sidney came to stay with us. She is tall and beautiful and I know she thinks I'm really great even if she told me I'm annoying. I hope she comes back to stay again soon.

Next we got a new neighbor.
Her name is SweetPea and she is really sweet and calm. I am teaching her to be wild and crazy and to play like a maniac. She's learning but she needs more lessons. Woo Hoo! I'm the best teacher!

Then Lolo came to stay. I LOVE Lolo, she is just like me! She loves to play and be fun. One day she went to the vet and they did some crazy things to fix her ouchy legs, including shaving her butt. Now I can't play with her for WEEKS. She says she is all better, but my people say she needs more time to heal. I'm trying to be patient, but I can't wait to play with her again. I hope when she goes to her forever home I can still play with her lots.

I've also been spending more time with my sister, Zippy. Everyone says we are too cute together. We are almost identical twins and we understand each other and see things the same way. She is pretty cool for a sister.

Its really great having all these pretty girls in my life! I am one lucky dog.



Burning Moon said...

Oh Uba, you sure are a handsome devil...wait, let's change that to ANGEL! I hate when we get called devil dogs cuz we're just too good to be called that. I can see why so many girl dogs love you. *blushing*

Love Noelle

Sam said...

Awwww! Uba, take good care of Lolo as she heals!

Anonymous said...

Handsome Uba,
You go boy!! Enjoy all the love and attention, you deserve it!

Unknown said...

I am jealous of all your friends..
pillow friends
zoomie friends
and hanging out friends!

You are the best.

2 Brits, 2 Yanks, 2 Dogs said...

Uba - I am glad you are having fun with all your friends. I love it when you guys get the zoomies. My Macy gets the zoomies and sometimes she zooms so fast she can't stop in time and crashes into her brother. Its funny for us but I don't think Hurricane likes it very much.

Boris said...

Uba Man,

You are the chick-magnet (dogs and humans) as you way too sexy-buff inside/out. I believe that shy-skittish thing you used to put on was part of your building this attractive charm.

As other readers echo, you stay chilled around you Lolo and get her to recovery fast.

What a good & sexy sis' you have, you two should be proud of your new live. Remember you're a rescue ambassadog, and need to help your bully-buddies develop their manners for a forever home. So just be like me:

'luv-um & leave-um', Boris

PoochesForPeace said...

I just found your blog and Im so excited!!! The special about the Vick dogs on DogTown was really good. I havent been able to tell exactly where you live yet or who writes this? but I am all the way in Ohio and we're having breed banning issues here..I'm trying to learn all I can to be able to fight it with knowledge under my belt. I just started a blog to help put good, accurate info out about Pit bulls and am trying to put together a packet of why breed banning is a bad idea to our govt officials...any advice?

Uba said...
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Uba said...

Hey Pooches:
We write this blog! Sometimes our people help us a little, since its hard to type with paws, but me and Jonny, Juhmpa, Audie, Grace, Frodo, Hector, Ernie, Teddles, Iggy and everyone else take turns. Most of us live in California, but we have one guy in the mid-west and one east coast girl. Our people talk about people stuff over at We almost got in trouble because of BSL on our crazy journey to California in an RV after we escaped from jail, so we all really support you in your efforts to combat those scary laws. My people say there are tons of websites and people on the internet who are fighting BSL, too, like and Good luck!

PoochesForPeace said...

Thanks Uba! We have lots of mean people in Ohio but lots of nice ones too that want to help! I love all u Vick doggies! *Scritchins for u*

PoochesForPeace said...

Or shall I say "Ex Vick" dogs

Thoughts said...

Uba, it sure sounds like you have been making the rounds with new friends! Take care of that sweet girl Lolo, we are sending warm thoughts and prayers your way!

Benson and gibson