Sunday, November 1, 2009

Someone smaller than me came to stay

Usually, I am the smallest dog at our house.

I am smaller than Lulu, smaller than Sydney, smaller than SweetPea and smaller than Lolo. Sometimes, I get tired of being the smallest and the people calling me little. I have a really big personality and tons of energy, which I think means I'm not so little.

I got a break from being the smallest this month when Daisy May came to be a foster sister. She is even smaller than me!

It was really nice to have someone around who could look up to me. Daisy is super sweet and polite and friendly and was a very nice guest. She gave me a big kiss to thank me for being a friend and showing her around the big city.

It was a pleasure having you here, Miss Daisy May!

hugs, Uba


Gail said...

Such beautiful dogs! One of my favorite breeds. Your work shows many people it is not the breed but the training.

Heather Cherry said...

What a sweet kiss! Don't worry, Uba... we know you are a super muscledy buff guy. You're not little at all.

Anonymous said...

Small in stature and large in presence!!

Boris said...

Super Size Uba,

Daisy-Mae thinks you are comic book sweet and special just the way you are.

From that kiss, you can tell that she thinks of you as her Li'l Abner. See Li'l Abner is a very big man and she thinks something different when she hears them call you Li'l Dog.

Give a hug out to your Clan as they really have "Super-Size Hearts", like you, to take on such a Li'l Pack.

I'll check back, Boris

Anonymous said...

That kiss photo is priceless!! LOVE those dogs!

Lucy said...

Oh Uba, I love your cheeky looks to the camera in the first two photos when the girls are distracted!

The Real Estate Talker said...

They are such beautiful dogs. How can someone not love this breed.
We have two, and a mixed breed, they all get along beautifully.
I love the way the posts are writted, right from the heart of the pup.

PoochesForPeace said...

OMG Daisy May is soooo cute!!!!