Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Paws for a Hero

I learned a new word and it's called "Hero". I learned it cause I read a book called Demo: The Story of a Junkyard Dog.

Demo is so cool in the story and saves the day so he's a hero for the people in the book. I learned that being a hero is cool cause it means that the things you do make people's hearts smile, so they must be good things. Then I learned that the Demo in the book is a real-live dog and that made the story even better and made Demo even more of a hero. This is a drawing of Demo - Isn't he the cutest???:

One day my person talked to Demo's person, Jon, and Jon had a really awesome idea. He asked if I would put my paw on some ink and then put it on a Demo book as part of a contest. Jon also asked my siblings Jonny Justice, Uba and Hector to put their paws on the books, and told us that Demo would put his paw on too for the contest.

I LOVED this idea cause I thought it would be so much fun to put my paw on the ink and I could be really silly when I was doing it and then maybe someone might really like to see my paw on the book. So me and my person put my paw on the ink and then on the book!!!!

Here's the link to a video of me putting my paw on the book. If you click on the link you will see how it was so awesome and how I was laughing and how my tail was wagging and I hope you laugh and your tail wags, too. The end is my favorite part cause I did a good'll see.

So now you gotta check out Demo's book and look at the contest where you can win one of these cool books with the paws:

Me and Demo and Jonny and Uba and Hector hope you love the book and the contest. And I hope you think Demo is a hero like I do cause we all need a hero who makes our heart smile.

Happy Hero and Merry Holidays.

Love, Jhumpa Jones


Linda said...

Jhumpa! That's a great idea to pawtograph a book for the contest! You did a wonderful job and I'll bet lots of people buy the book.

Happy New Year, Jhumpa! I'm not a pibble and I live in Nevada, but I'll bet we'd be great friends if only we could meet. All dogs are my friends... especially the cute girl dogs. :o)

Cheers! Your friend, Jack (

Boris said...

Hero Jhumpa,

You really show that Pit Bull tenacity and pride in your work (plus the ability to put-up with a lot from your people).

Now the book is like Demo and you Vick-dog rescues, one of a kind.

Have a great 2010, and I'll check-back,


Anonymous said...

Merry Happy to you and your family, Jhumpa!! I love your sweet face and your fabulous ears! MWAH!!! xoxox

Laura said...

Aw Jhumpa! I can't wait to read the book. I am so proud of your pawtograph!