Saturday, June 12, 2010

Uba's Guide to Opening a Crate

Step 1: Locate and lift the latch handle.
Step 2: Carefully slide the latch to the right.
Step 3: Use paw to pull the door open.
Step 4: Do not let the people see you open the crate. There are several reasons for this:
  1. They will take the yummy bone that you so skillfully "borrowed" away from you and they will give it back to your sister.
  2. When they come home and find you out of your crate they will stop saying "How did you get out? I thought I latched it all the way!" and they will start putting carabiners on the crate door. I haven't figured out how to open a carabiner yet, but I am working on it.
  3. They will do mean things, like put your favorite toy inside the crate and tell you to open the crate and get it. Then they will point the camera at you to make a movie. I am refusing to comply with this ridiculous demand.
With practice you will be able to open crates quickly and without making any suspicious noises. Good luck!

Professor Uba


Melch said...

Oh, Uba, you are so smart! I can't wait to see that video of you in action =)

Anonymous said...

Ok, Uba, my dogs are NOT allowed to read this! I already have one that can open the fridge and any door that she comes across. The last thing I need for her to learn is how crates work too!!!

Anonymous said...

Soooooo cute!!!!

Susan Cava Ruimy said...

Seeing is believing...damn Uba, you're a smartypants!!!! Hugs from NYC!!!!

Lauren said...

You are a smart one Professor! Good luck figuring out the carabiners!

Anonymous said...

Professor Uba:

I used to do the same thing with my crate until Mom decided that I have had enough with the crate and has given me free reign around the house. She calls me her Little Houdini but Im not exactly sure why as I can open all the doors, refriderator. She laughs at me when she comes home and finds me under the kitchen sink. My favorite spot. She even cleaned it out for me and put my favorite pillow in there!! So, keep up the good work and maybe your Mom and Dad will let you sleep under the sink!!!


Two Pitties in the City said...

You are quite clever. Our Mr. B used to get out of his crate, but it was only by using his big head as a battering ram until he made a whole big enough to squeeze his huge 75 pound body through. Needless to say, he's not in a crate anymore. I like how clever you are; what else can you open?

Zeus "Booger" McKnucklebone said...

Dear Great Uba,
You are an inspiration in so many ways...and I really like this new one... My new human rescued me from "The Needle" a month ago and says I need to learn to be as well-behaved as my older "sister" Snoep; she's really smart like you and can leap big fences in a single bound, but chooses not to for some reason. Why oh why?
I personally prefer to just bully-doze my big ol' head through the fence and loose cinder blocks to escape the yard. (Maybe that's why I'm on a 30-foot tie out now while sis still has run of the place?)
I never really got in trouble for it though, because I'm just 19 months old and everyone thinks of me as just a big doofy sweet boy, but I think I'll play along with this training stuff to make my human happy. Then between Snoep's smarts and my muscle we can get into some real good trubble together.
You should consider getting a "partner in crime", or, as the barristers say, a "co-conspirator", then if you get caught, just blame it on the other dog!
As in: "I swear Mom, it was Hector that opened the crate, not me".
Best wishes and many wags!

Tori said...

This made me laugh out loud :) Uba, you are such a cutie! ♥

RAAYNA said...


rachel kesel said...

Uba, thanks for exposing your methods. You almost had me fooled that day when Lulu was working on that massive bones dinner. When I went in to see what the racket was about you sat so pretty I thought it was your sister banging the bowl around ... now I'm pretty convinced you were trying to get in there!
I miss your hugs!

vchiumw said...

This is by far and away my most favorite blog!! I LOVE it.

Boris said...

Ingenious Uba,

Boy do you know how to manipulate your environment. JR and I try to do it with soulful looks and whining. You take matters into your own paws.

Again, you set the standard high for us hunks. We got to have brains and good looks. I'm like some of your readers, punch it with my nose is always the first test.

I'll check back to see what else you unleashed, Boris

Hopper & Hardy said...

how cute is that dog! i can't believe that. he's so smart I can't figure out what or how have you been training him. keep up the good work!

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What an intelligent dog! Dogs really have this great intelligence.

Woof Pic said...

smart and cute - deadly combination for dog!

Maggie Mae and Max said...


Nice to meet you! I am going to have fun getting to know all about you and the rest of your pack!
You is a very smart pup! Maybe you could do me a favor?

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Woofs and Licks,
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Pet Product said...

I remember my dog brian he knows how to open our back door...your uba is very smart dog!!!

The Foster Lady said...

Are you sure you haven't been in contact with my Kiera? But she was in an airline crate, not one of those metal ones that may be easier to open! Came home, saw nothing amiss, but Ms. Kiera running around the house, having a ball. She was saying, Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah to Goober and Einee and wouldn't lift a paw to help them out as well! Thankfully.

Little Boy Blue said...

Good for you Uba! I learned how to open my crate by pressing in just the right spots at the same time. Then I learned how to open the door of my bunny brother's crate so he could get out an play with me. I'm good at getting out of the fence too, so now I have a teather when I go out in the yard. I learned to open the sliding glass door too, but I usually use that to let the cat out so he won't block me when I try to walk thru the kitchen.

Elina said...

Wow Uba! I've just gotten a crate like that from my humans but I didn't know it could be opened. I'll wait until they're gone to practice.

Micah said...

that is SO cool!I have 3 dogs but none of them can do that:)