Friday, August 13, 2010



Look at that, they put me in the paper. Wonder why ?? Maybe it's so I will finally pick it up on the way into the house ? Yeah, like that will work.

Maybe I will have to have dad read it to me. What, I have to wait till this Sunday ? Darn it. Oh' well. I can nap until then.

Have a good weekend everybody !



Two Pitties in the City said...

You look great! We're so excited to read more about it, and it's great news that the media is continuing to follow the story and offer more positive publicity.

Anonymous said...

What a great picture! I cheated and read the article online, but I'm still going to pick up the Sunday paper this week to have a copy. Jonny Justice is much more fitting for you. :-)


Logan & Becky said...

Love it!

Boris said...

CoverBoy Jonny,
We're saving a couple copies of your Parade cover - hoping to get them paw-toe-graphed.

You can have your school kids read the article. Please do have your people get online to read you the answers readers gave on Parade to their question.

I'm still wondering about one remark that I understood to say, "... you can have one of these dogs in the house if your a dog trainer. ..."

Hey, I know your a dog and like Hector, me and other BR pibbles are good trainers. We've invested everyday with our people making sure they "get it right". So, why would that commenter think there isn't another rescue pibble out there that could train them?.

I'm with you, this reading makes you want a nap.

Check back, Boris

Dianne said...

It was a great article, and you look adorable on the cover. I know it was an important thing to read, as I found my mom had it in her favorite reading spot - the bathroom!

TQB said...

There is a special place in heaven for all the caring folks who worked so hard and never gave up on these dogs! I would wish you blessings, but what better blessings are there than a tail wag when you come home, a lick on the face or the sound of a peaceful sigh as one of these furry friends sleeps contentedly next to you on the couch?

PoochesForPeace said...

Im glad all the pitties have had good summers, the posts here are great!!! Love seeing their progress and happiness.

Safe Haven Hotel said...

Way to go Jonny Justice - you and all the other Vick dogs need to prove all those skeptics wrong!

Your an amazing boy and deserve the BEST!!!!!

Jessica said...

I am soooooo impressed! You have really great work.
keep it up