Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And the Winner is......

BIG THANKS to all the imaginative folks that commented. It really was great fun.

In all honesty, this was hard ! There were way too many great comments, so I had to ask for help from other blog writers. The consensus of the authors was that this comment, as it was said to me, "shows a total lack of good judgement in the name of fun." Winner !

I can't list them all but here are a few of our favorites :

" It's so embarrassing when he picks me up by the handle."

"Timmy's in trouble!! " ( think Lassie )

" RUN.....I HEAR BANJOS!! " ( poor taste..but funny )

"You know...This is only happening because you're holding that dog treat..."

" Next on "Pitwatch!" Johnny saves Pamela from a giant catfish "

" I need a word with my stylist.... "

Thanks again for playing along. You guys are the best !

- the guy who types stuff for the dog.


PoochesForPeace said...


Lisa said...

that Jonny is so darn cute, no matter what he's wearing! Fun game.

ces said...

I'd love to join... Too bad I just discovered your blog just now.. :)

Anonymous said...

Keep the caption contests coming -- this stuff is gold!
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