Monday, September 26, 2011

Two Weeks With My New Knee

It has been almost two weeks since my surgery and it has been boring. I have destroyed two and a half beds and let myself out of my crate one time before she put carabiners on the door. Also, I have destroyed one hard plastic cone,
one nice soft cone that was borrowed and now my mom has to find a new one to replace it,
one horrible blue donut thing from my last post, one pair of pants,
and one stuffy. The stuffy was my reward for not destroying anything on Friday.
I have not removed any of my sutures though. I'm sure everyone will be proud of me for that.

Today my mom stayed home with me to talk on the phone, make faces at paper and stare at the computer all day. I got to go outside and spend some time helping her talk on the phone while staring at paper. It was nice and sunny so I nibbled on some grass,
checked on some of the plants,
and looked for my squirrel friend (without running over and looking up his tree).
Ubas are meant for bouncing and running and having fun. There is nothing fun about all this sitting around in crates. I feel a whole lot better, my knee isn't acting so naughty and I keep telling her I'm healed, but she doesn't believe me. She says I have WEEKS more to go before I can jump and twirl and leap and play with my flirt pole. I only had a tibial crest transposition, a wedge recession sulcoplasty and lateral fascial imbrication. Can someone please tell her that my knee is all better now?



SeeingLikeBreathing said...

Dear Uba, I am so happy that your new knee is doing well. And you are a very good destroyer of things. I do think your mom might be right about waiting a few weeks before Uba'ing your new knee, or it might surprise you and turn into a naughty knee. That would be dreadful, would't it? Keep up the good work at getting well. I love you!

Melch said...

Hang in there, Uba! I've known lots of dogs who have fixed their naughty knees that way and your Momma is right. It's hard, but keep being good! Lots of love from your fan!

pibble said...

Just give it time, Uba. Soon, you'll be jumping, bobbing, and weaving even better than before!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Uba darling- I'm glad you got to go lay in the sun and nibble grass! Your knee will be good enough soon for you to do the running and jumping you were meant to be doing. Just try to enjoy the pampering while you can!

ForPetsSake said...

There's nothing fun at all about waiting and doing nothing. I hurt my knee a couple of weeks ago and felt so frustrated by inactivity. I hope time flies really fast...maybe some new toys in your future?

Dog Hot Spots said...

Uba - I just pop in and found you had surgery.
Wishing you a full recovery mate.
Here's something to cheer you up. I know you love squirrels, so meet Twiggy the water skiing squirrel. Hope that will bring a smile back to your face.

Heather Cherry said...

Uh-oh, looks like I spoke too soon about you not having to wear pants. Bummer, dude. But you did get to go out and enjoy your jungle!

Anonymous said...

Awww poor lil Uba! I'm sure you'll heal quickly and be back to normal in no time! ~hugs~


Snoep Doggles said...

Dear Uba,
I'm making my human type this because I HAVE to write you. You had a LOT of surgery, and hard as it is, you'll have to be just a leeetle more patient. I had a radar dish around my head for a few weeks when I had a boo-boo in my leg called a "6-inch puncture wound" last year, so I feel for you. It's OK to destroy toys & bedding as long as you don't pull out those stitches! I pulled out my drainage tube and had to go back to the vet for a new one and an even BIGGER radar dish (ugh!). I'm a high-energy dog too and bed-rest STINKS, but we're pitbulls, and were as tough mentally as we are physically. Just tough it pout and you'll be chasing squirrels in no time.
--Snoep Dogg
PS My human let me take off the radar dish for a few hours at night when I watched TV in his lap. Be good and ask nice, maybe you'll get a little relief too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uba,thinking of you and waiting anxiously for an update. Hang in there, little guy.

Houston Wedding DJ said...

AWWWE! Poor puppy! :-( Hopefully he is feeling better now.