Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dog-sized Christmas Tree

Today my family is getting out this stuff they call Christmas decorations and I'm helping. There's even a little tree just my size in the room where I sleep!

It's kind of exciting, but this decorating thing can make a girl tired!


Nicole said...

Aww, I love your own little tree,Grace!

Anonymous said...

So cute. Just love keeping up with these miracle dogs. Thanks for sharing their lives with us that care.

Unknown said...

I love the minature tree. We have had a lot of fun decorating for Christmas this year, you should stop by to check out Trip, the fierce Pit, being scared by a inflatable Mickey Mouse. It was truly priceless. :) Hope all is well, and she continues to enjoy Christmas as much as we are.
Kimberley and Tripp

Tracy Wilson said...

awwww- you look like a tuckered out pup!
We haven't put ours up yet, I hope the new adopted bull terrier doesn't hike his leg on it, lol.
He's a VERY good boy, we are lucky...and, it's an artificial tree so I am probably worried for nothing.
The rescue deaf cat might pose a different sort of proble, though!
Have a wonderful week...

Owl Always DIY said...

This has got to be the cutest sleepy pose ever. :)

myrtle said...

OH my! That was really cute.=D