Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm going to the Doctor!

I love going to the doctor. There's lots going on, everybody is busy just like me, people are friendly, and so far, I haven't been poked or prodded too terribly much. But this next doctor visit is a big one. I overheard people talking about my knees. Yeah, they hurt sometimes. I have grade three luxating patellas, but you wouldn't know it by looking at me. But, I'm not allowed to jump in and out of the truck, run like a maniac, leap for a flirt pole or stuffy toy, throw myself down the stairs (I'm always in a hurry you know). But, maybe, just maybe, this doctor can help me.

If he can, I promise to get serious about my obedience training and who knows, maybe I can run through that pink tunnel more. My housemate was an agility competitor, took a high in standard at the CPE Agility Nationals back in 2006 (I think that was before I was even born) and I really want to be just like her when I grow up.

S0 wish me luck. My appointment is November 11 and I just can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Audie but even if you can`t compete,remember that you`re loved by people around the world just because you`re you.

Uba said...

Good luck, Audie! I hope they make your knees all better so you can run through that tunnel again. Running through tunnels is really fun, you must miss it a lot, like Jonny missed Miss Lily when she was sick. Have fun at the vet!

sp said...

the entry is mis-labeled as being posted by "linda" !!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Audie -

I'm Jhumpa and I came from the same place as you. I'm new to the blog and am so happy to be here with all of you!!! My person and I were jsut reading your entry about going to the vet and my person told me that our doctor says I also have a luxating patella! I don't know what that means but sometimes my leg hurts when I run around like a crazy maniac and I can't walk on it for a while. Please let us know how your visit goes - We will be thinking about you!!!!

Boris said...

Seems like us zoomin-bruisers can be as fragile as kids toys, "hard to keep the wheels on us". So, try to put it in 2nd and chill for a while.

I know I'm a lucky one, as my elbows feel SOOO much better since my Doc B fix'um. I'll never be an agile-boy or stair-master, but I sure ran like the wind at the park last week. Felt so good (note Ms L': w great dog manners and worked on 'be-a-have' too!)

You've got fantastic people caring for you and I bet they've got the best Doc's lined up for you too. So, good luck on Vet'ran Day visit.

I'll check back, Boris

Little Boy Blue said...

Hey Audie - My sister had grade 3 luxating patellas too, and had surgery before I came to live here. They ignored it at the bad place she lived before she came here, so she has really bad arthritis now, but she's still able to run around like a maniac without it hurting by getting acupuncture and sometimes pain pills. She runs through that tunnel like a crazy girl too!

I hope you do as well as she did!


PS she wrote all about her TPLO surgery at

Linda said...

Thanks for all the good wishes. My person has been researching surgeons for a couple months and she promises she's found the best of the best. I know Shirley, I'm embarrased to say Linda had to post for me, but we'll get that fixed. I'm having a bit of a problem creating my own blog account so until then, Linda is going to have to hit enter for me.
Thanks again for the good luck wishes (and I'll ask Linda to read me your blog Hero), I can't wait for my knees to stop hurting! Audie

Anonymous said...

Wow - I thought I was the only rescue pittie that LOVED going to the vet. My Lab sister just had to go in for an emergency (leave it to a Lab to get in a fight, NOT me) and boy did I cause a ruckus until my mom got the vet to give me a phony exam. Geesh, the things you have to do to get a little attention!
Abbie in MD

Boris said...

Big Woof out to you Audie,
Hope surgery went well and you are both healing and chillin' well. That chillin' around the holidays can be rough, but very important to recovery.

Have your people post an update if they get time now that Xmas behind.

You looking good..
great family portrait in SI copy.

Healing Licks to You, Boris