Friday, December 26, 2008

Ouch! My knees hurt!

What is going on around here! I finally get comfortable around this place and then she hauls me off to the vet and next thing I know, they hack off and move part of my two knee bones and now they're full of pins and staples. So, here's what I know. I had medially luxating patellas, grade 3, and they hurt all the time. Now, they still hurt all the time and my legs and butt are bald! Well, I have to be honest, the pain is starting to go away and I'm being treated like a little prince. So, it's really not all that bad.

She snapped a photo of me when I got home last Thursday. It's the most pathetic look I could scroung up at the time.

Then a couple of days ago, my staples started itching really bad and I needed to lick them. A lot. I got really scared when she put on the plastic cone, so I decided to stand in one place without moving for a couple of hours. Well, I guess my pouting worked. She got concerned, called my vet, and went out and got me some toddler pants. It's humiliating wearing these toddler stretch pants, but at least the cone is gone. I've figured out how to take off my pants a couple of times, but she just puts them back on.

I suppose I'm complaining a little too much about the pain and my pants. I am starting to realize that there are people out there who really do mean well, people I've never even met, and I think they are actually looking out for my happiness. So perhaps I'll make everybody happy and leave the pants on (for now).


Anonymous said...

Too funny
I think I`d go with the cone but that`s just me.

My dog has to have a ruptured cruciate ligament repaired shortly.

If she does the pout thing with the cone I will definitely try the toddler pants.

But I must warn you Audie I`m sure people ARE laughing behind your back.

Hope you`re feeling better shortly.

Anonymous said...

This is great, I wish our vet had suggested this when our two pitties both had ACL surgery! After having been through that surgery twice (and we'll probably do it twice more for these dogs!) I know how hard the recovery can be on the humans and the dogs. But it's all worth it once they are able to run around pain-free again. Good luck and a speedy recovery!

Book Worm said...

nice pants! My blog is brand new and i was hoping you'd drop by. any ideas for improvement are welcome.

Boris said...


I'm not one to notice, but some would say you look real cute in those britches.

Your family must be warn to a frazzle with the holidays and your care. You have all the rights to be stubborn, confused and itchy. Still, just try to cope a little longer. You'll be better than ever soon.

I'll check back on your recovery, Boris

Anonymous said...

I think that you look really cute in your toddler pants! Nice butt! I think that they look cuter on you than they would a kid!

Stay patient, and you will be glad that you went through all of the pain.

Anonymous said...

Oh Audie you are so cute with your pants on! My my my!

SJ said...


This is oxley, the corgi again. My mom once got in a bad car accident and had to have her bones moved too, and had to get staples... she had over 100 staples in her!

Now, things itch when they start to heal. That's a fact. Its a very good sign. But my mom told me she understands what you are going through. Don't scratch, it will only slow down the healing process. I know that cone sucks, but trust me, the itching doesn't last long.

It sounds like you are already familiar with little steps in the recovery process, emotionally and physically. So bear with this one, its just one more baby step that will make life that much better!


Kate said...

OMG dog pants. Adorable, and a good idea.

A friend just pointed out this blog -- I have a mad love for pitties anyway, and now...

*happy sigh* Dogs!

Anonymous said...

Oh Audie..... hope you're feeling better soon. Those pants are so cute. Get well.
Your buddy Muffin

Anonymous said...

Audi, you look great in those pants. Yay, keep your tail up. Get well soon and blog often. Your woofs make me laugh.

Boris said...


Waiting for ya to vent
on how last month went.

Hoping to hear you tell, everthing mending well

(still those britches put us in stiches).

Rap back soon, Boris