Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Can Fly!

Well I've arrived in some place called Minnesota after a crazy ride on something called an airplane. It ended up that this guy I met about a week before the plane ride was waiting for me, and after getting unloaded from this airplane thing, he loaded me and my kennel up in the back of his car. I was getting a little worried because I could have used a potty break, especially after smelling that outside air, but fortunately that guy and the lady he was with stopped pretty soon and let me stretch my legs and do my thing. We stopped at a place where there wasn't nearly as many people around. Probably a good idea. With as many people as were back at that other place, there were sure to be some paparazzi waiting to nab some pics of a big star like me. We never would have gotten out of there for me to do my business; these two folks seem to know what's up and how to handle a dog of my obvious status. Score one point for them.

Nature break felt good. It was a bit of a car ride to these folks' house, but I had a couple of chewies in my kennel from the plane. These guys seem pretty cool, so I think it's safe to kick back and take care of these chewies to kill some time on the car ride.

Once we got to their house, I got a personal tour of the house. I'm not sure why he felt the need to have me on leash for the tour, but since he was pretty cool about everything else I won't hold that too much against him. The folks said something about this being my forever home. Not quite sure what that means. I have experience with a number of foster homes, so we'll see how this forever home deal adds up to those. I could smell and hear a number of other dogs, but we didn't get to meet. The guy said something about needing to get to bed because we had to get up early for some type of competition. I figured I've been in my kennel for a while, but I could use some nice quiet sleep time from my long trip. The guy put my kennel in one of the rooms and had me go in it for the night. He then came back in with some blankets and ended up making a bed on the couch so he could sleep in the room with me. I have to admit, that couch looked pretty comfy, but my bed in my kennel wasn't bad either, so I guess I can chill here for the night. "Good night Hector" "Good night Minnesota Guy"


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for Hector and his family! When I saw who adopted totally made my day.

Ernie said...

Glad to hear that you made it safe and sound to your new forever home. We'll miss seeing you at Pit Bull Charm School on Saturdays.

Jonny Justice said...

What a score on your forever home !I was happy to hear you can land safely as well as fly. Take good care my friend, we will miss you back here in the city by the bay.


Uba said...

Hector, I'm glad you are going to keep us up to date on your new life. I always looked up to you, and I will miss you. My people say you have important work to do, and we all know you will take your job very seriously. Good luck - I'm sure you will convince the Minnesota man to let you have free run of the house soon.

Little Boy Blue said...

Hector - A forever home is a very good thing! Congrats! I hope the other dogs there aren't as grumpy my sister.