Wednesday, July 2, 2008

jonny comes marching home

So, I get up the other day, eat some breakfast, use the yard, and wonder..........
Hmmm..... when I am gonna get my walk. Boy, I didn't see this coming !

I get a parade with all the BADRAP dogs !!!! Nice ! It's good to be me !

Wait..there's more ??? A forever home too ?!? No way, reeeeally ? For me ?!?!

What a day ! It can't get any better. Ok, wait, It just got better.

I just found out I get to keep this shirt !!!


ps....double-time tail wags to donna & tim, nicole & steve, shannon, linda, rebecca, mike, and judge henry. thank you !


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww, Jonny, we're so very happy for you. You deserve a parade and a home and the best life ever. And I'm sure nobody's happier than your friends who brought you here - not even you. Love from the Nolans in Seaside, Miss AriMarie the PitMix, Dasher, Dandy, Flora and Sweetpea.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jonny. We're all so happy that you're you. Congratulations on your forever home. You deserve the best, sweet boy.

Hurrah! Hurrah!

Little Boy Blue said...

That is one stylin' shirt Jonny!

Congrats on the forever home! Forever homes rock!

Anonymous said...

Praise God Jonny!!
Praise God indeed!!!
I can see Him grinning from ear to ear all over you Jonny!!


Uba said...

Yay, Jonny! Congratulations! Lulu says your parade was really fun and there were big crowds of people cheering for you and music and people dressed up in funny things. I'm sorry I missed out on coming. Hopefully our people can organize a time when we can get together and play, play, play to celebrate your forever home! Your people and big sis, Lily, are really really nice and fun. You really got yourself a great forever home.

Aren't we lucky little dogs?!

Hector said...

That parade sure did look fun! Thanks for thinking of me and including me as a poster! Wish I could have been there in person, but I've been having a ball here in Minnesota. Forever homes are fun, so I'm glad you got one, too!!