Thursday, July 24, 2008

A New Bed

I found a new bed the other day. My people laughed at me and said I was silly.

They call my new bed a hamper. It was kind of a tight fit, so it was hard to get comfortable. I had to move everything around a lot before I lay down.

After a while my mom took all the soft blankets out and put the new bed away in the closet.
That's OK, though. My other bed is better really.



Boris said...

Uba Purrrrfect Puppy,

What’s up with the basket? Was it a cool evening and stuff warm out of drier? Was it just your red blanket that you wanted to make sure no one else got it so you had to claim it? Was some one bothering you, so you sneaked away for quiet? … All that stuff sounds ‘catish’. Were you trying to find your inner ‘cat’? At least do it dog-style. Go roll around in something nasty and then climb into the basket.

Uba, you do have the looks … your bed picture, gets those ‘awh...’ responses and 'hearts-a-throbbing' with that innocent sweet face and legs hugging up the blanket. You sure you aren’t a cat in dog clothing?

I'd like to chase you .. maybe you can teach me how to be better around cats.

I'll Check-Back, Boris

Anonymous said...

Darling Uba - Miss AriMarie tries to do the same thing, and it's even more difficult for her, because she's really, really, really old, (13!), and has arthritis. But, with that wonderful tenacity common to you pibbles, she perseveres, and manages to cram herself into the tiniest spaces... It is wonderful to see you looking so happy in your truly really forever home. Love and hugs to you - Jean in Seaside

2beemo said...

Oh UbaUbaUbaUba... every time I see you I just wanna hug your silly self silly.

My pittie does likes the hamper, too. But she only likes stealing things out of it, like dirty socks & underwear, and runs around the house, which is quite embarrassing when company is over! :P

Little Boy Blue said...

Uba - I have a bed like that too! I find it's most comfy when there are lots of clothes and stuff in it and I can sit on top of it. But I'm good at curling small to fit in it if it's not as full.

Anonymous said...

Oh UBA you make that Hamper look so comfy!

Daisy Duke! WOOF!