Thursday, July 10, 2008


My latest vacation was totally different than the last one we were on. This time we didn’t have to get all bundled up in our snow parkas and cozy fleece coats. Instead, I got to wear something called a “life jacket” (cause until now, I’ve never actually tried swimming yet). And since I’m such a fair-furred and freckled pink belly dog, I always have to slather on this stuff called sunscreen (cause dogs like me can easily get sunburns too you know… and we wouldn’t want that.)

I went on long hikes in the woods, relaxed at the river, snuggled with my Maxine, AND I even learned how to swim !!!

Stayed tuned for pics and video of me testing out my new water legs...


Anonymous said...

This looks like such fun, Ernie! Swimming is the best! I love going to the beach with my mom&dad, but I had to learn what waves were last year because I was a lake dog before they rescued me!

Can't wait to see pics of you with your water legs!!

*licks* Freckles

Boris said...


Wow, you sound more like you are in training for Team Pibble than on vacation (hiking, swiming and blocking sun). The pictures show more like what most people call a vacation, laying around relaxing in a real pretty area with our girlfriends like Maxine.

Can wait to see the vid's!

"will it float" Boris

Anonymous said...

Is it true that fair skinned pibbles need sunscreen?

I have a white pibble with the pinkest, fairest skin on her nose/belly ever, and wondering if there is a special kind you recommend?

Thank you Ernie!!

Ernie said...

Oh Yes! Dogs like us need suncreen for sure. Mom usually puts some sort of sunblock stick on my face (cause it's not real goopy and I don't try to lick it off that way) and for the rest of me, she either applies a spray sunblock or just slathers on the lotion type...usually non-scented btw, cause I don't like bees and flies buzzing around me very much. (those little pests are attracted to the coconut and tropical flavored stuff) Just check out the sunscreens that are non-scented or the kind that are geared toward kids and you'll be good to go!

So slather up & enjoy your summer fun!

Hector said...

M-Guy and M-Gal haven't taken me swimming yet. I think they should. Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

This is adorable, lucky dog, lucky family! Has Ernie actually been adopted or are you still the foster family? I