Thursday, July 17, 2008


Is it just me, or do stairs just appear to be still objects? Minnesota Guy and Minnesota Gal always sigh and shake their head whenever I run up the stairs with comments like "Doesn't that hurt?" or "You need to learn how to climb stairs instead of ricochet up them." Whatever! I know how to climb stairs. Who doesn't know how to climb stairs? Not me, that's for sure! What do they expect when the stairs are always moving out from underneath me with no warning?!? At least when I go down them, I can avoid them all together by launching myself from the landing, and striking a sweet pose during my hang time. Yeah Baby!



Anonymous said...

Um Hector? Zoomies on stairs might get you hurt, you silly silly boy!!! :D MN guy & gal, you might want to look into pet health insurance for that hunk-a-luv. ;)

Anonymous said...

I just get such a great feeling and what a wonderful start to my days to read this blog. You really should put a book together of all these blogs with pictures, it would be a great seller. I love the way it's written and it just makes me smile and sometimes laugh out loud because I have two pits myself and I know what clowns they are and I can just picture in my mind what you are describing in the blog. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Boris said...

Stairing Hec-tor-man,

Great picture! With a click to zoom, you can really see those beautiful eyes (especialy when open) and cute dribble bubbles. (You getting a treat? I can really get the slobber going for a treat picture.)

I know one of our Foster homes kept us off the 'big stairs' as that was Family space. Now in our Forever Home we can do all floors. You are doing good, as I heard them say just hit the 'high spots' and 'any safe landing is a good one'. I'm back doing a three-stairs to landing zoomy too. (No more full-flight, butt-tucks, as the folks think it contributed to my elbow chips.)

Let me know if you get any more stairs tips. I've got a great one to share. If I fall asleep at night upstairs and have to come down for bed. I pretend I'm still asleep and do this real scary 'zombie' bunny hop with my front paws. It brings outs this weird scream sound from the family "SSSLLLOOOWWW".

So, you not only got the stairs a rockin' but you got the folks a popin' with the Post 'bought you' comments. Just keep those eyes open as Hector being Hector.

I'll Check-Back, Boris

bookmonkey777 said...

Thank you so much for helping these dogs. My next adoption will be a pit bull. Currently, my two Florida girls are only "part"-pit bull.

Ernie said...

Just what is it with stairs and dogs anyway??

My Maxine told me stories of her previous foster minion and how he perfected a move which she refers to as the "frog splash". He used to launch himself off the stair landing, completely skipping the last three steps, while splatting himself on top of her as she walked by.

...Let's just say, he didn't try that sassy maneuver too often... :)

Anonymous said...

he look very similar to our doggie here! ours is a mixed-breed