Monday, July 28, 2008

I Float!

Well, I finally decided to test out my water legs after nearly a week of watching everyone else having so much fun in the river. Maxine sure loves to swim and chase after tennis balls! But from the sidelines, I just couldn't help but notice that she sometimes forgets to bring the ball all the way back onto shore and drops them in the water instead. D'oh!! After losing more than a few tennis balls, floating downstream never to be seen or heard from again, I decided I should probably show her how it is really done. (You see...I am becoming pretty darn good at playing fetch. And in order to get the most joy out of this actually have to bring the ball back and then drop it!...otherwise nobody will be able to throw it for you...duh!) Maybe someday I will be able to teach my old Maxine-E-Bean some new tricks.

But for now, she's teaching me a thing or two about doing the dog paddle. Here's a lil' movie of Maxine showing me how to swim. Happy, happy, joy, joy!


p.s. Hector...when your peeps take you swimming...if you ever want to use my life jacket, it's all yours! I don't really need it anymore. It only slows me down while I'm swimming so I've just been using it to block the sun and keep the pesky little flying bugs off of me when I'm "chill-ax-ing" on the beach.


Jonny Justice said...

Dude..that looks like fun.

I'm not sure I could do it, Im kinda built like a rock. Rocks dont float too well.

Maybe if my dad get me a cool vest like yours. I'll have to bug him.
Let you know how it goes.


Uba said...

I don't know about you Ernie - first the bus, and now getting wet on purpose? Lulu tried to get me to swim in the ocean one time, but she wasn't like your Maxine, she got the zoomies and kept splashing me. Maybe I need you and Maxine to teach me.

2beemo said...

This post made me feel like such a bad fur-mother. I haven't taken my dog on a summer vacation like that in ages! They look like they are having so much FUN! :)
(I just pulled up google maps to plan a road trip!!) Thanks for the reminder to always schedule in some FUN-times, Ernie & Maxine!

Hector said...

Thanks for the offer Ernie. I raided Wallace's stuff one day and he has one I can use. Woo Hoo!