Friday, August 1, 2008

I Dig Dirt!

Last week my people commented that I don't dig in the yard.  They seemed happy about that. Lulu had started a nice hole, but I never saw what was so fun about digging.  Well, the other day I was hanging out in the yard and I thought I might give digging a try.  I went into the garden shed and got out the little trowel that the people use when they dig in the dirt, and I took it over to Lulu's hole.  Then I started digging... 

There's the handle of the trowel in front of me in the picture above.  I couldn't figure out how it worked, so I just dug with my paws.

Wow, digging is fun!  I think I did a really good job with Lulu's hole.

After a while my people came outside and said I had to stop because I was throwing dirt into the neighbor's yard.  Bummer!

I think I am going to do this digging thing more often.


2beemo said...

Oh my gosh. I so need to laugh, thank you Uba!

I love the defiant look on his face in the last photo, it's as if he is saying, "NO! I don't WANT TO STOP!" :P Silly boy.

Ernie said...

Woo Hoo Uba! I had so much fun digging in the dirt too on my last family vacation a few weeks ago...check it out...

Boris said...


Your people have a great camera and camera eye to catch you in such crisp animated shots. Your treadmill work is showing in all those beautiful ropey muscles. And like 2beemo points out, that last shot really captures your staff-bull attitude.

Come on, it had to be more than just digging to keep up with Lulu. I'm thinking you were either:
- having an adventure like on National Geopraphic, imitating the elephant dust bath.
- demonstrating you can help your family with the landscaping around their new place.
Either way, you remain a great looking 'working dog'.

You and Ernie's summer antics make Hector and me look like Tom Sawyer dogs, lounging while others work. It is a lot hotter by us and it does seem like a good time for a break after 'surfing'. And that dust-hole or bat-cave look like nice digs for a nap.

I'll just roll-over on my check-back ... snoozzzeee,

Anonymous said...

Good job Uba!! And you look like such a big tough guy doing it!

Ummm, could you be anymore handsome??

#1 Uba fan in MD

Anonymous said...

That is so kute. Uba is having fun digging the dirt until in the end he have to stop becuase it's messing with the neighbor's yard.

Anonymous said...

Wait another month and you'll be able to write a new blog on How to Stop Dog Digging:-)